Services: Three Types

Service #1: Ancestral and Personal DNA Clearings - Phone/Zoom Consultations


We use the technique of the Inca Cross to provide DNA Clearings The  Inca Cross wisdom, symbolizes what is known in other cultures as The World Tree, Tree of Life, etc. The Inca Cross carries the essence of the 12 Rights of Creation via Sacred Geometry. These are the Sacred Energies and feelings that are used to create the balanced essence of humanity. Six of the rites are male and six are female.  More ... 

Consulting is a way to find more about yourself.

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Service #2 - Weekly Tune Up Consultations - Phone/Zoom


Energy Gifts will identify the source of contamination and change the frequency. this will help you to improve the quality of your life.  More ... 

Service #3 - Energetic Surgery Personal Consultations to Overcome diseases - Phone/Zoom


Learning values and principles of the unseen world. More ...

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