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Coronavirus Clearing and Holistic Healing Support

$20.00 of each coronavirus consultation will be donated to feed indigenous communities in Huancavelica, Peru that had been affected by the coronavirus. 


Experience Inca Shamanic Teachings

About Our Holistic Approach


Our Holistic Experience

Learning the ancient knowledge of the Inca takes years of training and experience.  Elena has 20 years of experience.  Furthermore, Elena’s experience has allowed her to develop the unique Inca Way techniques that have made a difference in people’s lives.  Lastly, Elena Radford uses internet technology to make possible the sharing of the Inca Way. She shares her passion by helping others. 


Our Holistic Approach

The Inca Way a new millennial way of sharing ancient healing and teaching that originated from pre-Incan and Inca ways of life. We merge the ancient Human Energy knowledge with the 21st Century delivery systems and technology (intellectual and physical) to ignite in people passion and purpose, as well as help them to overcome past & ancestral believes that blocks and limit their physical & personal growth.


Why Us?

It is essential to clear your energetic DNA space of illusions, damages and contaminations that you have been exposed to.  You may carry them even without knowing it.  These low frequency energies would be transferred by people you come across in an everyday basis or you may have inherited them from your ancestors. Either way they are damaging to you and to your physical and mental health. The Inca Way tools will assist you in clearing and balancing your energy and body.