Ancestral and DNA Contaminations


It is essential to clear your space of illusions and damages from DNA contaminations that you have been exposed to. Some of you will have symptoms of these illusions, other may carry them even without knowing it.  These low frequency energies would be transferred by people you come across in an everyday basis or you may have inherited them from your ancestors. Either way they are very damaging to you. The Inca Way utilizes the ancient techniques of the Inca Cross and Energy Gifts to clear the ancestral and DNA contaminations. Here some  directions about the Process -  Q & A


Psychological abuse, also referred to as emotional abuse or mental abuse, is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Such abuse is often associated with situations of power imbalance, such as abusive relationships, bullying, and abuse in the workplace.

A1. Clearing Energy of Major Depression - Inca Cross Description

A2. Clearing Energy of Atypical Depression - Inca Cross Description

A3. Clearing Energy of Postpartum Depression - Inca Cross Description

A4. Clearing Energy of Seasonal Depression - Inca Cross Description

A5 Clearing Energy of Anxiety - Inca Cross Description

A6. Clearing Energy of Stress - Inca Cross Description


Physical and emotional abuse is forcing people against their will to participate in sexual, physical or corruption acts.

Awakening sexual, physical and corrupted energy against a person’s true will, is unnatural and goes against the law of nature.

B1. Clearing Energy of Sexual Abuse - Inca Cross Description

       Learn how to prevent sexual abuse -  vpnMentor

B2. Clearing Energy of Physical Abuse - Inca Cross Description


It is essential to clear your space of some illusions and damages from contaminations to which you have been exposed.  Some of you will have some symptoms of these illusions, other of you my carry them even without knowing it.  These low frequency energies would be transfer by people you come across in everyday basis or,  you may have inherited them from your ancestors.  Either way they are very damaging to you.

C1. Objectiveness C2. Repulsiveness C3. Frustration C4. Confusion C5. Rejection C6. Condemnation C7. Procrastination C8. People Pleasers C9. Disapproval C10. Un-fulfillment C11. Competition C12. Being Replaced C13. Cheating C14. Stealing C15. Lying C16. Deceiving C17. False Accusation C18. Anger C19. Self – Doubt C20. Self – Denial C21. Jealousy C22. Envy C23. Revenge C24. Apathy C25. Avoidance C26. Powerlessness C27. Ambition C28. Greed C29. Disapproval C30. Excuses C31. Remorse C32. Narcissism C33. Deception C34. Spitefulness C35. Revenge C36. Guilt C37. Hopelessness C38. Aggression C39. Obsession C40. Punishment C41. Profanity C42. Racism C43. Prejudice C44. Resentment C45. Grief C46. Blame C47. Betrayal C48. Shame C49. Regret C50. Abandonment C51. Self-sabotage C52. Detachment C53. Agitation C54. Incompletion C55. Pessimism C56. Corruption C57-58 Failure/Obligation C57. Witchcraft

C58. Santeria C59. Voodoo


An addiction is a relationship with drugs, alcohol or others experiences ... more. 

D1.  Clearing Energy of Pornography - Inca Cross Description

D2.  Clearing Energy of Prostitution - Inca Cross Description

D3   Clearing Energy of Marijuana - Inca Cross Description

D4.  Clearing Energy of Mushrooms -  Inca Cross Description

D5.  Clearing Energy of LSD - Inca Cross Description

D6.  Clearing Energy of Crack - Inca Cross Description

D7.  Clearing Energy of Ayahuasca

D8.  Clearing Energy of Cocaine - Inca Cross Description

D9.  Clearing Energy of Alcohol - Inca Cross Description

D10.  Clearing Energy of Meth - Inca Cross Description

D11.  Clearing Energy of Ecstasy - Inca Cross Description 

D12.  Clearing Energy of Salvia - Inca Cross Description

D13.  Clearing Energy of Heroine/Opium - Inca Cross Description

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