Be present and open to the work as you can be to the process.

Even if you have doubts about any aspect of it (from not believing in a higher power, to not believing something so simple can work) it WILL still work.  However, nothing is ever imposed upon you at any time.

What tools do you apply in the Holistic Healing process of The Inca Way?

We apply the knowledge of the Inca Cross or chakana and shamanic healing.

What is an Energy Gift?

Energy Gift Description

What is Energy?

It is in everything and everywhere. It is something greater than yourself.  Nothing can be created without first being energy.  Even the Higher Power (God, Creator, Universe, whatever name you give it) was energy at the beginning.  

Energy carries information to help us create the things we desire (be it negative or positive, depending on what we are attracting to us).  It’s the subtle energy we unconsciously feel.  Like, for instance, if we were to walk into a room where someone had just been arguing, we can feel/sense the intensity.  Each person’s pattern of energy is as unique as a fingerprint. 

These patterns are often described as personal vibrations (or energy level). We are all at different levels in our lives.  That doesn’t make us better or worse than another.  It’s simply our current journey. However, our ultimate goal in this life is to attain the level of vibration as of our Higher Power.  This is NOT about religion or interfering with someone’s personal belief system.  Energy just “is”.

What is Vibration?

The “Vibration” is the energy level at which we are operating.  Operating at a lower vibration (energy level) would look like acts of anger, drama, depression, addiction, etc.  Operating at a higher vibration is where the Higher Power resides. It’s focused on serving one another, being joyful, and is our purpose for being here. 

There are levels in between the low and high.  There are people at the lowest of vibrations and higher vibrations. We can, in our humanness have a mix of both.  We can deal with anger (a lower vibration), but actually, in other areas, be operating at a higher level.  It’s about bringing ourselves into balance and removing as much of the lower vibration as we can to allow us to step more completely into a higher vibration.  That will allow us the ability and freedom to more clearly manifest true joy, power and purpose in our live.

“We cannot look to others to tell us who we are, give us validity, give us our meaning, and still have any idea of who we are.  When we look to others for our identity, we spend most of our time and energy trying to be who they want us to be.”  George Bernard Shaw

Why do I bring the Energy Gift to my Heart?

The heart is the one area in your body that is a direct connection to a Higher Power.  Your heart is absolutely pure and simply cannot accept anything which is not for your highest good.

What is a Point of Reference?

A “Point of Reference” is a point from which you view and understand the world based on your perceptions. By your Point of Reference, you see one of two ways. The way you choose to view it will affect what is manifested in your life. You either see truth or a distortion of the truth. Therefore creating what you want, or creating blocks to what you want.

For example:  Let’s say you were raised in a home where your father did not respect, even mistreated and dishonored your mother.  You grew using this as your “Point of Reference”. As a boy you used it to see how women should be treated.  Or, as a girl, you expected that this was how it was to be treated as a woman.  Then you grew up and lived the “distortion” (because that was your Point of Reference).  Either way you manifested being a perpetrator or a victim.  Since your reference is not the truth of how unconditionally loving relationships work and was a distortion, you can bet you had issues in your relationships.

Without a true, new, Point of Reference you simply don’t have the capacity or ability to change the block or pattern. That’s when we begin to really beat ourselves up because we can’t understand why we keep getting into these hurtful patterns that we can’t seem to change.  It’s not your fault, you had nothing else to go on besides what was imprinted into your belief system.

This is where the people trained to give energy gifts will come in and give you a new Point of Reference, thru a Higher Power.  You can then absorb the truth and change the way of your dysfunctional pattern. Therefore drawing to you what you want, not what you don’t want.  Now you are allowed to be who you truly are and to then go forward instead of being cycled into a dysfunctional way of being.

What is an Energy Block?

Energy Blocks are a creation in a lower level of consciousness (or vibration).   look like, limiting beliefs, judgments, games (as victim and perpetrator), low self-esteem, depression, addictions, etc.  It absolutely affects our lives.  It stops us in every way from creating what we want and what’s for our highest good.

There are five levels to our whole being. In the first level, the energy of the Spirit, blocks cannot be created. The Spirit can NEVER be altered or contaminated, but If any of the other areas suffer injury (through trauma, distortion, or blocking your true desires and highest good), a block will be created.

The other four levels to our being that can carry blocks are: 

Soul Level (not the same as our Spirit):, This is in the same form as our physical body.  Injuries to these areas come from great trauma that we simply couldn’t tolerate in our mental, physical, or emotional body so it went there as a block.  It is also a filter for (dysfunctional) ancestral issues that were passed down to us, as well as in our DNA.

DNA Level:  Through ancestral issues. These are areas of “dysfunction” that we aren’t aware of and necessarily accountable for.  For example: depression, addictions, sexual issues, etc.  Yet, we get them passed down to deal with them.

Conscious Level: Blocks are created by the ego in low vibration.

Subconscious Level: Blocks are created in these areas by low vibrations that affect your self-steam and identity.

How Long will take to see Results?

Each person is different. Since there will be a variety of many different releases during the use of the products, some aspects can be felt immediately and some experienced later on. Sometimes you can get a release immediately, but you don’t recognize it yet in your physical body. So, don’t put an agenda or timeline to it, just let it happen naturally.

Sometimes you will see results differently than what you expected. Allow it. Be open-minded in this process and enjoy the journey!

How may I feel?

Everyone will have his/her own experiences. There’s no right or wrong way to experience the changes you’ll now be feeling and seeing. Some of the most common occurrences that happen afterwards are feeling: sad, happy, joy, ups, downs, emotional (and sometimes not knowing why—and it doesn’t matter because you’re just releasing it), and body aches and pains. You’ll need to be drinking water during these times as you are also ridding yourself of toxins at the same time.

You may feel more fatigued than usual. If you need to take a nap do so.

What is happening is that your physical body is catching up with all the energy work and shifts done on a higher vibration. You’re moving to a higher vibration!

How will I know it worked?

Because your life will show it, most of you will feel noticeably different. Changes will start coming to you as you are manifesting the initiated in the products.

You will likely find people remarking a difference in your appearance (in a better way). For example, they may ask if you’ve lost weight. You may find that people are noticing you more; that you seem to be standing out or drawing others to you.
It’s your “light” that they are seeing.

Your essence blueprint!

Consulting is a way to learn more about you.

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