Inca Cross protocols or processes of feelings


I have spent the last 15 years learning the Twelve Sacred Energy gifts of the Inca Cross, which will take us back to higher consciousness and oneness. The Inca priest protected these sacred energy protected. They receive the information from their ancestors, the Tiahuanaco culture, which was the last civilization to have a direct connection with Atlantis. The Tiahuanaco kept the DNA records of the Atlantis Civilization and its destruction, hoping we would someday be open to experience higher consciousness again. The twelve secret energy gifts have the information and feelings to help us to make choices about increasing our level of vibration, so we do not make the same mistake that was made by the Atlanteans.

We have been living in a world that believes in dualism and separation. In the PROCESS, our poor choices have lowered our vibration and created perceptions that confused us. We have lost sight of life's real nature, or purpose, and our relationship to this purpose. The Sacred PROTOCOLS in the Inca Cross brings symbols and codes that have access to key places where the pure energy of creation was hidden during the destruction of Atlantis until the day we remember that life is vibrant and mysterious, coming together in many worlds and dimensions. That day when we remember what the ancient priestesses and shamans knew: that the form of our visible world has its roots in unseen dimensions. In these dimensions lie the primal energies of life. 

The evolution and information download is done through DNA.

By doing it at the DNA level, we do not have to take years to experience the teachings. The process may be done in a matter of seconds. True transformation begins by removing the blocks and limiting beliefs, then replacing them with new information, which will remove damages from societal control. Once the new information is stored in the cells, it will regenerate energy of abundance in the DNA. Abundance comes from the level of the heart. This is the light of life itself, awakening and remembering its own real nature and divine purpose.

Protocols or process of creation. 

An activation is to bring back the memory of a feeling.  A protocol creates a process for the memory or remembrance of the feelings.

1. The Sacred Energy of Unconditional Love

Love is the source of all creation. It is the consciousness that forms the created universe, dimensions, and worlds that we live within. When we are in a state of unconditional love, we are in a higher level of consciousness. Only higher vibration emotions such as love, hope, joy, and power can exist when you have accepted the Sacred Energy of Unconditional Love.

2. The Sacred Energy of Integrity

Integrity is the energy that allows you to stand in your power and brings into the creation of unlimited possibilities. This Energy of Integrity will allow you to remember your original pure creation. This energy is not meant for anyone other than you and will allow you to comprehend real truths about your self-worth.

3. The Sacred Energy of Power of Being

The Energy of the Power of Being will allow you to remember your own source of energy. Each person is unique and has been created in his/her own source of energy. Through our uniqueness we hold a space for others within our communities to create a whole and more powerful community of higher consciousness. When we do this, each of us within these communities will feel love, nurturing, kindness, and many more energies in creating a beautiful world for the past, present, and future.

4. The Sacred Energy of Acceptance

Acceptance is the energy that allows you to be yourself for your highest consciousness. Through acceptance you will be able to like yourself, which will open a path to the Universe and Heavenly Father to allow you to manifest what you desire.

5. The Sacred Energy of Creation

By accepting the energies above, you can ascend to higher consciousness, and the universe will align to support the creations that you seek to manifest. With the energies that allow you to reach a higher vibration and the alignment of the universe with your higher good, the manifestation of your greatest joys becomes possible.

6.The Sacred Energy of Pure Power

The Energy of Pure Power brings to you the power of creation as it was meant to be created in our physical body. This energy will allow you to make the best decisions possible with your greatest consciousness in mind, and will drive you to do what is best for higher consciousness.

7. The Sacred Energy of Direction

This energy will allow you to see where you have been in the past, where you are in the present, and where you will journey in the future. With the goals of what you would like to manifest presently in mind, you will move into the future with these manifestations becoming a reality. To continue to reach a higher vibration, you must clear the blocks and limiting beliefs from yourself and your ancestors while moving into the future.

8. The Sacred Energy of Protection

The Energy of Protection will shield you from outside contamination from sources of lower vibration by holding each being accountable for their actions. The Energy of Protection is essential so that you may continue on the path of your spirit's purpose without any misdirection.

9. The Sacred Energy of Hope

This gift allows the energy of creation to manifest your desires through your soul purpose. The energy of hope will establish boundaries and guidance to ensure that the path of your soul purpose is obtainable and clear of blocks when the time is needed. Without hope there will be no structure to the path of your soul purpose, and the time to continue your journey will never be in the present.

10. The Sacred Energy of Human Value

This aspect of the Incan Cross will turn the knowledge of information into knowledge of understanding, teaching what it means to be human. This Energy of Human Value brings to light the understanding of the importance of the body, mind, and soul.

11. The Sacred Energy of Abundance

This blessing is a state of heart and mind. If you maintain the balance between mind and heart, then abundance will be created within your life. Abundance is the state of being happy with who you are and the life you have manifested. True abundance is not reflected in the ideals of society and varies from person to person.

12. The Sacred Energy of Moving Forward and Focusing on the Future

This gift will help you fulfill and complete contracts in the past that have begun but were not complete. Letting go of the past in low-frequency contracts is necessary so you can create in the present and future new manifestations that will help you reach the highest vibration. By making higher choices, we become co-creators of the next era. 

These protocols are the power of choice; let's bring the future into being the world of abundance.

Elena Radford 

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An activation is to bring back the memory of a feeling.  A protocol creates a process for the memory or remembrance of the feelings.