Activation Process

The Inca Way Activation Process

The Inca Cross activation Energy Process  is a way of going into a higher knowledge and higher light by clearing the DNA Contaminations. Without contaminations, we become clear about what we want to create and what we do not want to create.

In this process and consulting you understand that we all are elements of creation and a light that is constantly going into higher frequencies.  In our personal light, we also carry knowledge and the higher frequencies of creation such s pure love.  When we learn to feel and connect to our pure essence and free more, the Inca Cross Activation Process gives us the access to libraries of records or higher experiences that we carry in our DNA.  This allows us to make more clear choices and we start creating the life that we want.

The Incas and their ancestors refer this process as the Inca Cross or Chakana Process. Through the activation process, you will be able to welcome the light, the happiness and the love that you deserve as a creator of the light.


love is an element of pure power. everything is create base in love. Humans, animals and plants, and all types of creations are created with atoms, DNA,  elements of the conscious and subconscious.  Higher Creator created all forms of life used a higher frequency and the energy of love.  Love is transferred to feelings and feelings support life in a creation. When a creation stops feeling, it dies.

Example: I was always taught to nurture love.  We know that we all make mistakes, but sometimes when we make mistakes we want to punish or judge ourselves. This is not love.  Love is giving yourself another chance when you make a mistake. If you allow yourself to feel love and feel the experience, it can be the beginning of something new and better.


You must always trust in yourself when you are creating. It is the energy of trust  that allows you to know that you are part of a higher creation. It is what allows you to build your self-confidence. Trust is essential in order to create connections.

Example: When you wake up int he morning, you use the energy of trust to plan your day. It gives you that element of direction you need to be a greater creator.


This comes after the elements of trust and love. The Incas believe that in order to create a foundation there should be an exchange of energy: the energy of giving and receiving. The energy of connection is the channel between the energy of giving and receiving.

Example: When a mother controls her daughter because she thinks that she knows everything, this is not in the energy of giving.  The daughter will not experience life in full  because she is taught to see the world from her mother’s point of view.  She will not learn to receive information because she has been conditioned. Teach your children to feel  the world. This is the best way to teach, protect and help them to find direction.


Acknowledgement is the way to express your appreciation to others. You get to see others for their light and they see you for your light.  There are no expectations only creation.  Value everything for what it is. There is nothing to prove.

Example:  If a father acknowledges that his children are the best gift that happen to him, his children will grow up in a world of unlimited possibilities.  They will see their light, and the light will create more light.  


The energy of protection is manifested when you area aware of your personal boundaries. Being clear in your personal boundaries, you will create a foundation to gather what is best for your highest good.

Example: If you follow your feelings, they will give you the direction in setting your boundaries. When you follow the desire of your heart to be in a powerful relationship, you may have to make some changes in your life to find that person.

when you are making those changes you are setting your new boundaries and you will create the new frequency for the person you are looking for.


You get to know yourself for your own creation.  The awareness of choices will bring the balance to create abundance.  Remember you are the outcome of your choices.

Example: When a person’s self-esteem is based on the perceptions of others. She or him can lose herself in the process. If a beautiful woman bases her value in her looks because she gets attention. Her beliefs are based on the opinion of others and not in how she feels about herself.  This is a creation with limitations, which is a 3rd dimensional world and not in the frequency of abundance.  


Happiness helps you to integrate all the tools of the energy of love, trust, connection, acknowledgment, protection and awareness. It is the energy of possibilities.  The Incas called this energy, the “activator” because you are activating yourself and your intuitive knowledge. Happiness brings the perfect balance of female and male energies so that impossible things can happen.

Example:  When you are in the energy of happiness, you think about the things you want.  You can bring those thoughts into a possibility, and eventually into a manifestation. It is a high frequency of intention.


The energy of passion for life allows you to accept what you want. Nurturing what you want keeps the desire and passion alive.

Example: Passion for life is the burning feeling you have in your heart when you are starting a new project or relationship.  You have the desire or intention to make it work.  The energy of passion for life complements the energy of trust.


It is the ability to become what you want. If you want to express love, you will become the energy of love. If you are happy, you can become the “unlimited possibilities” of what you want to create. 

Example:  When you want to overcome the energy of judgment you say, “I am the energy of unconditional love.”  Repeat this constantly to express to the universe your desire.  Eventually, you will receive that energy in your creation.


Your are responsible in higher frequencies when you are creating what you want to create in your heart.  This has nothing to do with pain or suffering.  Creating what you want to create is the pure desire of your heart, and you are always creating light.

Example: You can declare: “My energy of responsibility allows me to create what I want. It is for my highest good to have abundance in every area in my life.”


Life is full of opportunities. Though time, we and our ancestors have been doing things for others. Sometimes  We share our talents, money and feelings without a fair exchange.  It is important to know at this level you are healing from your past beliefs and experiences.  You will be redirecting your energy of productivity back to you to benefit from your work to others and understand you have the power to create a fair exchange for your services and products.

Example:  I want to be able to produce love for my self then for others and get back love for myself.


The energy of being in the present moment is a very powerful feeling.  You can not create in the past or future, only in the present. You can create everything you want in the present especially the energy of responsibility and productivity. The energy of the present or self-true will manifestation in abundance in every level in your life.

Example: When someone focus in a past it can interfere with a present relationship. It is important to let the past relationship go.  So you can nurture the new relationship in the present.