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The Inca Way is a new millennial way of sharing ancient teaching that originated from pre-Incan and Incan (ancient) ways of life. We merge the ancient Human Energy knowledge with the 21st Century delivery systems and technology (intellectual and physical) to ignite in people the passion and purpose, as well as help them to overcome past believes that blocks and limit their personal growth.

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I am here to support you in your transformation by releasing blocks and limiting beliefs and creating a space of balance and love.


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Elena,  I just wanted to thank you and give you some feedback on your work.  As someone who works in the healing arts, I know how difficult it is to get someone to write down their experiences and share them on paper.  We all need that one testimonial that goes into detail about our work

We invite you to our DNA Detox Meditation Class.  Do you know someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, and health problems? These struggles are common for thousands of people and it is at the DNA level that we are contaminated.  If we detox at the core source, which is at the DNA level, we can

Clearing Energy of Seasonal Depression

Decoding and Removing Atypical  Depression –  BLOCK TALK RADIO 10/6/15