Intuition is the natural intelligence that allows us to see ahead of the curve, to generate innovative ideas to communicate powerfully by trusting our feelings. It is the skill that can guide us to greater business, carrier satisfaction and more sustainable levers of innovation and services.

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The Vision Business Program helps to develop Intuitive business skills. It works with client’s personal empowerment and to empower employees in these core areas. Through simulated environments and role play exercises. These skills enable managers and employees to identify and overcome potential stumbling blocks in a managed setting, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Vision business skills coaching and support team workshops include:
  • Self-Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Effectiveness
  • Management & Leadership
This program provides:
  • 14 personal consultations – 30 minutes each (Recording will be available)
  • 3 months of weekly online message and support information

The admission to this program will be deny to individuals who currently engage in the illegal use of drugs or prostitution. For clients dealing with these issues we recommend the Clearing Addiction Coaching Process Program.

 The knowledge gained during this program will help you to engage in.

  • Creative problem solving
  • Handling conflict
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Emotional intelligence at work

During the program, we will learn about what intuition is and its applicability. According to the dictionary intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. However, intuition has many layers, which will be taught during the program. For example, intuition is the natural intelligence that allows us to see ahead of the curve and to generate innovative ideas, and communicate powerfully by trusting our feelings. Natural intelligence refers to an emotional and intellectual quest to create career satisfaction, successful businesses, and/or more innovation and services. 

We help leaders to bring their light into the world

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