Research in the area of ancient Inca Knowledge focuses on the effects of emotion, motivation, and values on human reasoning, behavior, and health.


An acceptance for this class will be discharge or deny to persons who currently engage in the illegal use of drugs, or prostitution. For clients dealing with these issues we recommend the Clearing Addiction Coaching Process.

Special emphases include bases of emotional and physical experience to experience 5th dimensional energies:

  • Relations between emotion, reasoning, and memory
  • Emotion regulation; goal engagement and disengagement
  • Effects of emotion on physical and mental health
  • Emotion in social relationships 
  • How emotional experience changes over the lifespan


Ancient technology – Sacred Geometry.

  • Online/Personal Training
  • Personal & Phone
  • Case Studies
  • Team Work


10 Consultations  – 30 Minutes.  (Recordings are available)

This is a core class for The Inca Way Certification.

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