Intuition is the natural intelligence that allows us to see ahead of the curve, to generate innovative ideas to communicate powerfully by trusting our feelings. It is the skill that can guide us to greater business, carrier satisfaction and more sustainable levers of innovation and services.

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The Inca Way introduces the Intuitive Leadership Program for individuals who are looking for new ways of communication and leaderships during these times of climate, political, economic, and social changes. This program uses the ancient knowledge, human values (kindness, justice, peace, honesty, respect, openness, loyalty and equality), principles, and rites of creations of the Inca and Pre–Inca civilizations, which allowed them to make higher choices to build communities of love, trust, and balance.

The Intuitive Leadership Program is available for professionals and leaders from both public and private organizations that are interested in achieving leadership though a personal journey that explores values, energetic alignments, and communication coming from their intuition. The objective of the Intuitive Leadership Program is (1) to support leaders throughout the current global challenges, and (2) to help leaders to improve the quality and integrity of their choices for have a better life, career, business, and/or community. 

This program provides:

  •   14 personal consultations – 30 minutes each (Recording will be available)
  •   3 months of weekly online message and support information
  •   Life time access to the “Intuitive Leadership Group”.

The program design has two focuses of development. The first one is specific to you as an individual and the application of what you learned in your own organizations. 

The knowledge gain during this program will help you to:

  • Develop and enhance your intuition
  • Identify barriers and bridges of communication
  • Remove blogs and limiting believes that are stopping you from moving forward
  • Structure your leadership skills
  • Take actions to follow your inspired visions
  • Strengthen your VOICE to share your leadership goals
  • Create and move forward in a new way of life
  • Commit to a new social structure of love and social awareness

The second focus is for the individual to participate in the “Intuitive Leadership Community.” The goal of this community is to bring leaders together to communicate and support each another by developing their intuitive leadership. The program format offers a platform for interactive discussions among the participants to brainstorm new concepts and develop action plans. Participant will have the opportunity to receive insights and feedback from other participating professionals/leaders.  The program offers new backstage experiences, collaborative group activities, and application-based exercises to help participants recognize and embrace their role as leaders in during the training.

During the program we will learn about what intuition is and its applicability. According to the dictionary intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. However, intuition is has many layers, which will be taught during the program. For example, intuition is the natural intelligence that allows us to see ahead of the curve and to generate innovative ideas, and communicate powerfully by trusting our feelings. Natural intelligence refers to an emotional and intellectual quest to create career satisfaction, successful businesses, and/or more innovation and services. 

The admission to this program will be deny to individuals who currently engage in the illegal use of drugs or prostitution. For clients dealing with these issues we recommend the Clearing Addiction Coaching Process Program.

This program is available for professionals and leaders in both public and private formats that are interested in achieving leadership though a personal journey that explores values, energetic alignments and communication coming from their intuition.

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