Creating the life, you want


Would you like to have a coaching plan designed to address your needs, without interrupting your busy life?

My services offer personal or phone coaching in the behavioral health and addiction for individuals and families. My areas of focus include addiction: drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex and more. I have more than 10 years of experience as a coach.

I specialize in the removal of the ‘bad behaviors’ and have been successful in implementing new and improved life skills and coping mechanisms within the first 30-90 days of my services I can help you restore your purpose and passion in life. I specialize in long term change and increased happiness!

Coaching is unlike therapy. Coaching focuses on the forward positive motion and helping you achieve results fast. The average length of coaching with us is 3 to 6 months. It is the new way of getting through your behavioral and addiction barriers to achieve results. What we focus on:

  • Positive Change
  • Purpose and Passion
  • Forward Movement
  • Finding yourself
  • Creating the life, you want

20 consultations of 30 minutes or 10 consultations of one hour in person or phone.

2 DNA Detox products included in this package.

We invite YOU to create a new life.  Call Today: (435) 901 9986


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