Elena's Story & Inca Shamans

“Sacred work comes with responsibility. The ancestral foundation of my techniques, allows me with accuracy and intention, to deliver the love and peace awaiting to awake in all of us by remembering our personal and human value. Your responsibility is to know how to receive it.” 

–Elena Radford

My name is Elena Radford. I was born in Peru and I inhered the knowledge and gifts of my ancestors. By using this information I created the Inca Way platform. The Inca Way  provides consultations, courses and products that clear energy “blocks and limiting beliefs.” manifested in emotions or physical imbalance. The intention is to assist you to create a balance life and empowers you in making positive choices.

I moved to the United States when I was 19 years old.  Since then, I have been visiting Peru to learn more about the ancient energy clearings and balancing performed by the ancient Pre-Incas and Incas. Most of my training has been done in ancient sacred places.  I have also learned to use the energy benefits from the water and plants of the Amazon. While my training was very rigorous, and sometimes hard to achieve, I was determined to improve my energetic gifts to help people to remember and feel their value to have a balance life.  

I am delighted to share my gifts and insights by using the sacred tools passed down from my ancestors, tools that had been gifted to the Incas thousands of years ago and protected for centuries. It is the knowledge, technology, science and creations  encoded in the energy of the sacred geometry symbols and the language of the Inca Cross.

My intention is to empower both the body and personal live journeys.  I highlight physical ailments, clear emotional barriers to create successful lives, uncover hidden passion to find true identity, true purpose, true value and more. Through our work together, I introduce my clients to their harmonious vibration of unconditional love and assist  them reclaim their connection to their sacred energies.

Pre-Inca and Inca Shamans

The Pre-Incas and Inca Shamans that stood for the value of human life understood about human cells and DNA at the energy level.  Current science teaches us that DNA lives within the cells.  DNA is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of humans and are the smallest unit of life, often called the “building blocks of life.”  

Inca Shamans already knew that they could access the cells and DNA energetically to make shifts in the human body and behavior to improve the quality of life.  The Inca Shamans knew that diseases and emotional instability where created by low frequency waves of energy in the body.

In the ancient times, this low frequency waves were called “energetic out of balance stories.” Inca Shamans had the ability to connect into energetic waves to see or feel the energetic stories with the purpose of changing the low frequency waves to higher ones. This process is also known as 'rewriting energetic stories codes'. Some of these energetic stories were previous lives or stories of their ancestors.

Nowadays, we call these low frequency energetic stories blocks and limiting believes. During my training, I learned the process in which my ancient ancestors rewrote energetic stories to high frequencies.  This is an amazing process in which the ancient Pre-Incan or Incan Shamans energetically accessed the human cells and DNA to identify the low frequency cells. The Inca shamans could shift the energy of the cell to a positive one.  When changing the DNA, the Inca shamans were also changing the low frequency energetic stories.  In other words, the Inca shamans were reprograming the cells to eliminate blocks and limiting believes.

My ancestors ancient techniques can penetrate cell membranes to travel through the tissues and blood to assist with the shifting of low frequency waves to high ones.  I learned from their lasting teachings that natural processes stimulate nerves and enhance electrical frequencies. This natural process is also capable of exerting significant physiological and psychological effects. 

My ancestors also used this knowledge to understand human values, behavior and how to empower us to have a better life. As a practicing Inca Shaman, I have learned to understand energy, how to use it, how it interacts and how it creates our reality. By harnessing its power, like other Incan Shamans, I can subconsciously travel through time and shift the energy of the present to create a better future. This is my purpose.


The Inca Way

Elena Radford is the founder, CEO and leader of the organization. Elena Radford is committed to preserve the ancient knowledge of her people in Peru, the Incas and Pre-Incas  who created remarkable individuals and communities.

The Inca Way is a new millennial way of haring ancient teachings that originated from the Incas and Pare-incas (ancient) ways of life. We merge the ancient Human Energy knowledge with the 21st Century delivery systems and technology (intellectual  and physical) to ignite in people passion and purpose, as well as to help them to overcome past beliefs that block and limit their personal growth.


The revival of Inca and pre Inca Shamanism found in ancient times has created the opportunity to share various aspects of ancient healing knowledge as well as ancient science and techniques. There are various opportunities in the areas of coaching, seminars, and collaborative communities where Elena Radford and her team can share the Inca Way DNA clearing tools.

Elena embraces of the new ways as many individual welcome the revival teaching of ancient knowledge and energy healing.

Strengths and core competencies

Learning the ancient knowledge of the Inca takes years of training. Elena has 20 years of experience. Furthermore, Elena’s experiences has allowed her to develop the unique Inca Way techniques that have made a difference in people’s lives. 

Lastly, Elena Radford uses internet technology to make possible the sharing of the Inca Way.

Legal form of ownership

The Inca Way is a Limited liability corporation (LLC).