DNA Detox Meditation Class

We invite you to our DNA Detox Meditation Class.  Do you know someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, and health problems? These struggles are common for thousands of people and it is at the DNA level that we are contaminated.  If we detox at the core source, which is at the DNA level, we can over come our struggles and be free of disease and illness.

Come and learn from gifted Shaman Elena Radford.

The door that will open is located on the street level at the back of the building of Gallivan Ave. or call at (435) 901 9986 to have the door open.

Investment: $25.00

Date: Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m

Location:  Wells Fargo Center.  299 South.  Main Street, 13th Floor

SLC Utah 84111

Author: elena radford
Born and raised in Peru, Elena Camargo Radford comes from a lineage of an Ancient Incan Culture, which is steeped in shamanic teachings and practices. She has inherited and developed the sacred language and communication used by her people from over thousands of years ago; the Star Sisters and brothers. Elena’s practice of Inca shamanism includes, activating water, Crystals, and the information within them that allows people to clear their DNA. As an Incan Shaman, she is well revered and respected by her peers. Elena shares her gifts and insights, by providing numerous services to others, including individual sessions, web-seminars and workshops.

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  • Caron G

    I have attended this meditation a number of times, and each time I am able to move a step further. It is a great investment of my time and energy. Thank you for being here for me Elena!

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