Ancient Code Holders & R&D Team

Elena Radford


“Sacred work comes with responsibility. The ancestral foundation of my techniques, allows me with pure intention, to deliver the love and peace awaiting to awake in all of us. Your responsibility is to know how to receive it.” 

JaeLynn Jessop


“Opening a connection to love, happiness and the future you want to create.”

Abbie White


“Heal your happy”

We are Happy to Assist in Creating fulfillment


Elena Radford

Business - BS

48 credits towards Masters of Spanish Literature

My Intention:

My intention is to empower both the body and personal live journeys.  I highlight physical ailments, clear emotional barriers to create successful lives, uncover hidden passion to find true identity, true purpose, and more. Through our work together, I introduce my clients to their harmonious vibration of unconditional love and assist  them reclaim their connection to their sacred energies. More ...


JaeLynn Jessop

Utah College Massage Therapy (UCMT)

With Anatomy/ Biology credits studied at U of U

My Intention:

My intention is to assist anyone ready to shift vibrations with the earth as everything is changing so quickly. I plan to clear weak belief systems, disrupting blocks, cords, viruses and programing that are halting personal growth. Opening a connection to love, happiness and the future you want to create. I hope to use the gifts I have been graciously given to assist in the healing of others and our Earth.


Abbie White

University of Utah SLC, UT

43 credits towards Masters of Health Promotion and Education. U of U.

Utah State University Logan, UT

Bachelors of Science in Sociology 

Certifications & Trainings

* AHA Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS)

* Motivational Interviewing

* Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

* Certified Mental Health Officer (MHO)

* Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI)

* Therapeutic Options

* Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CB)

My Intention:

My intention is to facilitate the process of transforming the pain points in your life. To remove the energy in your space that is no longer serving you. To heal emotional and physical trauma and sickness. To elevate your happiness so you are open to receiving the light, and your desired opportunities.