What is an “Energy Gift”?

This method was taught, and given, to some Peruvian Shamans by a Higher Power because of their unique and pure spiritual gifts. They were enabled to serve in this role as conduits/messengers of balancing and information at a high vibration.  These “gifts” are energy and light at its highest form from a Higher Power for you personally to assist you in your ascension to a higher vibration.

These energy gifts will work FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD at whatever level you are at to serve as a clearance of blocks, guidance, clarity and direction, a Point of Reference, and an understanding of your true self.  

Even in the context of working together in a workshop with many others, you will still receive that personal energetic connection.

The energy finds you. 

Some may say they don’t feel anything.  Some people will feel something.  Sometimes it’s a mix of both.  It doesn’t mean it didn’t work for you or that there is something wrong with you.  It did work.  The gift is a gift of energy and it is accepted whether or not you are aware of it, because it is for your highest good.

Don’t allow someone to give you an energy gift if they have not been trained in giving energy gifts. Please do not give gifts to other people unless you know how to teach others to give energy gifts to themselves. Before you give gifts to others, you must receive the Rights of Creation. It is a process and there’s a level of accountability when giving these gifts to others.