The Inca Way Certification

“Sacred work comes with responsibility. The ancestral foundation of my techniques allows me to awaken the love and peace that resonates in all of us. Your responsibility is to know how to receive it.”   Elena Radford

MASTER.HOLOGRAM.2.3.16.incaway_logo_certified_turktra-02The Certificate in Ancient Human Rights and Values is created in conjunction with Indigenous leaders and key holders of native communities in Peru who hold this knowledge.

This Sacred information is a structure of honor and respect used in the Tiahuanaco, Pre-Inca and Inca culture. This knowledge values tools, technology, and processes of your awakening.  Creative development is aligned in rediscovering your personal value in this changing world.

Key Holder of Inca and Pre-Inca Ancient knowledge (TBA Feb 2017)

This Process comes with technology of multidimensional knowledge that is accessible to you only when you develop values and principles that support Human Rights and Values of Ancient Creation.  This process enables students (individuals, businesses, and communities) to pursue a concentration in the burgeoning interdisciplinary field of Ancestral Energetic and DNA knowledge of Human Values.

To be eligible for this certificate, students must make formal application to, and be accepted in the program. For forms and instructions for applying to the Inca Way certificate program contact Elena Radford at (435) 901 9986

Courses may be taken by phone, online or at Wells Fargo Center Building, SLC, UT.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Eligibility to participate on goal oriented contracts.
  • Resources to educate, connect, and grow certified firms, with a wide variety of networking opportunities and events.
  • This certification allows you to sell, label, and represent your products as the Inca Way Human Rights and Values and to use the “The Inca Way” seal.
  • Becoming certified helps people, business and communities by:
    • Protecting energetically natural resources, human values and rights.
    • Supporting the Ancient Inca and Pre-Inca Knowledge of balance in communities.



The Certificate in Ancient Human Values requires a minimum total of four classes. Core courses cover the main Ancient Historical, Philosophical and Multidimensional questions in Human Values.  Elective courses, the Research Program, and the Intuitive Leadership Program allow students to branch out into the various subfields of Ancient Human Values such as indigenous and cultural rights, economic rights, human rights and social justice.

The Certificate requires the three courses below and an additional elective.

Forms and instructions for applying to the Inca Way certificate program are available on The Inca Way Certification. (link coming soon)


The Inca Way courses approved for the certificate are listed below.

Core Courses:

Elective Courses




The Research Program on Humanitarianism and Intuitive Leadership Program bring together individuals, communities, and businesses from across different countries, in an ongoing discussion and energetic support on the experiences of humanitarian crisis and action.  The program sponsors public events open to “ancient key holder teachers” and individuals, businesses, and communities.

These Programs crystallize the humanities components of The Inca Way programs and bring the contributions of the humanities—ancient values of history, art history, literature, philosophy and health products, as well as the more qualitative social sciences, into the mainstream of human values of creation discourse.

These Programs build on the core belief that ancient knowledge and values, and humanistic approaches are necessary to understand the major humanitarian crisis facing global society.  The goal is to create space for interdisciplinary dialogue on issues generally dominated by perspectives and energetic contribution from present and future law, policy, and science.

The Program fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and research innovation in one core way.  It sponsors broadly-themed conferences, lectures, and other events that draw together and create lively intellectual exchanges between members of Inca Way communities, as well as scholars, and citizens beyond our program.

It also supports several small and intensive indigenous community leaders and communities training groups and workshops. These training groups pursue changing themes of specific interest to group members, often bringing in Inca Way scholars or artists of high stature to engage with research in development in a specific country, communities or businesses.


The Program is currently under the direction of Elena Radford, Founder and CEO of The Inca Way LLC and The Inca Way Org.


To receive announcements about upcoming events of the Research Program Humanitarianism and Intuitive Leadership Program, please contact Elena Radford at