Inca Cross – Chakana

Chakana: A Powerful Tool Of Creation

The Chakana, or Inca Cross, in Inca Wisdom symbolizes what is known in other cultures as The World Tree, Tree of Life, etc. The Inca Cross carries the essence of the 12 Rights of Creation via Sacred Geometry.

These are the Sacred Energies and feelings that are used to create the balanced essence of humanity. Six of the rights are male and six are female. The sacred balance of these rights allows us to be in our highest consciousnesses of powerful creation.

Even more compelling, is the evolution of consciousness that the Inca Cross offers ultimately takes you into 5th dimensional awareness.  The Universe is evolving into the 5th dimensional frequency in which distorted perceptions cannot thrive.  Distorted perceptions will become like outdated software.


Age-old mythology tells of the Inca God Wiracocha who knew about the power and knowledge of the Chakana –and that it holds the secret of life. As a sacred geometric symbol, the frequency within contains feelings, values, and constants that infuse Light and explain each of the Ancient Sacred Energies.

The Incas and pre-Incas living in the Andes inherited these energy tools from their ancestors, the Atlantean and Lemurien cultures. The Chakana provides a language of energy that has been protected by Incan Shamans and their ancestors who carried the information in their DNA.

These records of light were stored and transferred into the DNA of the Shamans who stood for the light. According to prophecy, the Incas, will at the appropriate time, which is now, bring these tools and language to the world in order to create the “New Men and Women in Higher Consciousness.”  The “new men and women” who make choices and decisions outside of the energy of distorted beliefs and perceptions.

The Inca Cross also contains the Five Dimensional Spaces of Creation: Consciousness, Subconscious, Soul, Spirit, and DNA. The knowledge and wisdom of how to use this information allows us to clear our own limiting beliefs and blocks created in our energy space during the different life journeys we have had since we were first incarnated.

In higher vibrational levels of energy, we achieve our highest goal, immortality, when we learn how to balance our Five Dimensional Spaces of Creation in the present time. Even though the process will take years to understand, it is a gift from Higher Source to be able to have this information available to us now.

These are the tools that through time have allowed the Peruvian Shamans to modify their state of consciousness and journey at-will to the higher and lower dimensional levels in order to inquire about the causes of people’s illnesses, misfortunes, or unbalanced energy.

We all have the potential to have the Tree of Life, an Inca Cross. It is our birthright. Each one of us is unique. Our energy gifts are awakened according to how we learn to use our Chakana. This is the time for YOU to have access to the information of your Inca Cross.  You have before you the opportunity to ready yourself to the new 5th dimension energetic “technology” of the Universe; one with updated “software” and information.

My gifts and connection to my ancestors gave me the ability to remember how to decode the Inca Cross and be able to assist clearing DNA Contaminations and Activating your light power that will help you in your “Creation Journey.”

Walk in Love and Light,

Elena Radford

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