Ancient DNA Detox and Activator Creams

“We Honor Our Choices by Owning Our Experiences”  Elena Radford

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“THE INCA WAY” Creams. Open yourself to the life force and Heal the Inca Way, clearing energetic contaminations by ACTIVATING ENERGETIC DNA CODES.

A generational Inca Shaman, Elena Radford has created a unique line of transformational healing creams based on the knowledge received from ancient wisdom embedded in the Inca Cross. Her all natural creams, Inca essentials, restore the body to its own proper vibratory balance so that physical, emotional and spiritual healing can occur.

Just a drop or two applied topically as directed, clears the cells of repressed negative energy, and in so doing opens the door for the authentic self to emerge.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the Father of holistic medicine recognized the importance of vibration when he spoke of the subtle vibratory force in the body that he called ‘life force’. He stated that each organ has it signature and disease sets in when the vibratory energy is deficient. “…For all life force is of the vibratory nature, and when set in the proper and correct attachment for the physical needs of a given body and its vibratory force, and add to these those principles as have been applied in body and tissue building, add to these that as will change the vibratory.” (Reading 93-1)

When energy is blocked by negative experiences and emotions, our cells become stagnant and our body’s unique vibrational force is disrupted. We must clear these energy blocks or illness will set in. The Incas knew that interruptions in an individual’s vibrational frequency or life force could be restored using infused natural oils applied to the body.  They found they could design oils that penetrated cell membranes and released negative energy stored in the cells.

Using the knowledge passed down by her ancestors, Elena was able to develop her own line of specially charged creams capable of cleaning cells of “negative energy.” By releasing damaging energy, cells rebalance their masculine and feminine energy and will resonate at their proper frequency. When cells are properly vibrating, homeostasis is achieved in all bodily systems, and health is achieved.

Inca Way Products are carefully aligned to the Inca Cross and the Sacred Geometry of feelings.  These natural oils powerfully activate and align us with our programming.

Symbolizing the Tree of Life and based on Sacred Geometry, the Inca Cross shows the 12 Rights of Creation, six being male and six females. Combined they create the balanced essence of humanity. By balancing Male and Female energy, we can move forward, see our lives more clearly and make progress toward our goals.

The Inca Way creams allow you to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.  It is a process and as your journey unfolds you will discover the feeling of true love, the way of trust, the value of higher connections, the power in acknowledgment, and the importance of Protection.

You will begin to understand and see the world more clearly. With this clarity, comes awareness and you will finally be able to experience happiness. Clarity will shed light on your passion, will allow you to understand and express what’s in your heart, embrace responsibility and productivity, and be present in your truth.

Rocks Process

Plants and flowers infused with Inca codes.

The Inca Way Proprietary Blend.