About the Inca Way

MASTER.HOLOGRAM.2.3.16.incaway_logo_certified_turktra-02The Inca Way is a new millennial way of sharing ancient teaching that originated from Pre-Incan and Incan (ancient) ways of life. We merge the ancient Human Energy knowledge with the 21st Century delivery systems and technology (intellectual and physical) to ignite in people passion and purpose, as well as to help them to overcome past beliefs that block and limit their personal growth.

  • The Inca Way teaches individuals to move forward in new powerful ways of life by overcoming personal challenges.
  • The Inca Way also shares it’s techniques with communities and partnerships. The Inca Way unites people, places, and products on and off its website to engage a new living awareness through conscious creation of ideas and manifestations.
  • The Inca Way provides a foundation and resources to support people and businesses that stand for the creation of Human Energy Values and generational accomplishments.  Our organization has three segments: community, coaching, and internet base/infrastructure to share ideas and products. Below is a short description.
  1. The collaboration community/partnership segment: The Inca Way organizes teams of diverse people and communities throughout the world to practice and share the Inca Way’s techniques. The Inca Way team believes that there are many who stand ready to serve as well as to provide information, processes, projects, products, and services to make the world a better place.  The Inca Way makes it possible for them all to come together
  2. The coaching segment: The coaching programs include personal, life, relationship, transformational, and spiritual coaching. Through coaching, Elena Radford will share the ancient principles and values to increase the quality of life at every level. Elena will also share and teach the Inca Way techniques to create a better world for everyone today and for generations to come.
  3. The internet base/infrastructure segment.  The Inca Way has a webpage called theincaway.com that is used as the platform to educate the community, schedule coaching appointments, communicate with groups, and make healing products available for purchase.

Elena Radford is the founder, CEO and leader of this organization. Elena Radford is committed to preserve the ancient knowledge of her people in Peru, the Pre-Incas and Incas, who created remarkable individuals and communities. Throughout these last years, she has gained the knowledge from communities, organizations, groups, and individuals that practice the teachings of her people.

Goals and Objectives

  • Goals and objective of Inca Way:
    To have a healthy, successful organization that is a leader in teaching ancient values and principles.
  • Goals and objectives of the collaboration community/partnership segment:
    To create effective and efficient collaborative communities and partnerships.
  • Goals and objectives of the coaching segment:
    To provide valuable content in our teaching that will transform people’s lives.
    To make each type of coaching exceptional and transformational.
  • Goals and objective of the internet base/infrastructure segment:
    To have and provide reliable web services and products.

Business Philosophy

  1. Use the sacred teaching of the ancients to better our lives and businesses.
  2. Focus on business and individual needs to build healthy and productive relationships.
  3. Provide energetic experiences using the Inca Way techniques.
  4. Recharge our clients with new ways of life of co-creations and empowerments of love, as well as gratitude and kindness to others through the learning process of creating the abundance of energy and union.

Services and Products

Our services and products are separated according to the business segments:

  1. Within the collaboration community segment, Elena Radford
    1. Brings her teachings and methodologies to other cultures, as well as exchanging information to improve the standard of living for a better world.
    2. Contacts community leaders that have knowledge of working with energy to organize their to work in supporting human rights, principles, and values, and to teach them new ways of communicating honor and respect empowering generations to come.
    3. Creates powerful partnerships to teach hope and love, and to educate new ways of balancing life with peace and understanding, honoring boundaries.
  2. In the coaching portion segment, to increase the quality of life at every level, Elena Radford provides personal, life, relationship, transformational, and spiritual coaching to individual, teams, business, and communities.  Some of her coaching will be done in weekly workshops.
  3. Within  the internet base/infrastructure segment, The Inca Way website sell products such as organic creams containing the ancient sacred knowledge of genetic symbols that help balance the human energy source, CDs with energy themes, and other innovative energy enhancing products.  The website also has tools to be used for personal consultations, online classes, presentations, seminars, special events, webinars, workshops and others.


The revival of Shamanism found in ancient times has created the opportunity to teach various aspects of ancient healing knowledge as well as ancient teachings. There are various opportunities in the areas of coaching, seminars, and collaborative communities where Elena Radford and her team can share her Inca Way teaching and obtain revenues.

Elena Radford’s is taking advantage of the new way as many individual welcome the teaching of ancient knowledge and energy healing.

Strengths and core competencies

Learning the ancient knowledge of the Inca takes years of training and experience.  Elena has 20 years of experience.  Furthermore, Elena’s experience has allowed her to develop the unique Inca Way techniques that have made a difference in people’s lives.  Lastly, Elena Radford uses internet technology to make possible the sharing of the Inca Way.

Legal form of ownership

The Inca Way is a Limited liability corporation (LLC).